12799107_477451179116121_6037524206368477148_nI remember my first day of CrossFit clearly; a free trial session of Bootcamp. My amazing friend had been attending regularly (I believe she’s about the start her 13th round) and was always trying to encourage me to come along. I’d always intended to give it a go, but I always thought of a million excuses as to why I couldn’t.

I was overweight, I’d just had a baby and I’d been diagnosed with a pretty scary heart condition. They gym was the last place I thought I wanted to be (but the only place I knew I should be), especially a CrossFit gym where everyone lifts heavy and hulks out! There are so many misconceptions about CrossFit and the biggest one of all is that you need to be Fit and ‘skinny’ to do it. I’ve learned that this is so far from the truth.

The thought of stepping foot inside a gym like this scared me. I was nervous, I wanted to vomit before I got there, I didn’t think I would belong or fit in, I 100% thought I’d be laughed out the building with everyone chanting ‘this isn’t the place for you’.

Being the ‘fat’ girl, I’ve always been worried about what people think of me, I’ve never wanted to step foot inside a gym from fear of being judged or laughed at. Group exercise was far beyond my comfort limits.

12821493_479263682268204_6414327732952816041_nBut for some reason this time was different, there were no excuses I could think of. Walking into the gym that first night I so badly wanted to turn around walk out the door. I’m so glad I didn’t. I learnt a lot that night about myself and what I was and could potentially be capable of, and that CrossFit wasn’t just for people of want to lift heavy and huff and grunt around a gym.

Crossfit was, and is for normal, everyday people no matter your size, shape or goals.

I will say though, that completing that first workout was hard. I almost died.
I kid you not. It was the hardest, and BEST thing I’d ever done. I left feeling refreshed and excited (and sweaty!). I remember getting home and telling my husband that I was going to do it, how much I had enjoyed myself, I’m not sure he believed me but here I am some 9 odd months later and I’m still loving it!
When I started CrossFit everything felt impossible. I couldn’t run or skip and I could hardly lift my body off the ground when doing a scaled press up! I could write a long list of the things I couldn’t do.

12805820_479262755601630_2028535797383566276_n (1)It’s true what they say though, you’ve got to start somewhere. And now I can write a long list of things I can do, including running, skipping and scaled press ups.
If you’d asked me a year ago if I found exercise enjoyable I would’ve laughed in your face. If you’d said to me that joining WOF CrossFit would be like finding a place I belonged, where people supported and encouraged you, I wouldn’t have believed you.
Boy was I wrong.

Without you realising it, the amazing coaches learn all about you, they know what you can and can’t do, they know when to push you and then push you some more. They do all of this without getting in your face and yelling at you, they don’t do this by acting as though they are far superior to you. They do this by getting to know who you are, what’s important to you and working out along side you, any chance they get.
When I was first told I was an ‘athlete’ I think I almost choked on my own saliva! Me? An athlete? I’m sorry you’re joking right! But the definition of an athlete is really quite simple:
If you ever want to achieve anything, you always have to start somewhere! You don’t have to be great to start CrossFit, you don’t have to be able to run; skip; lift; all those things you think you can’t do, CrossFit will teach you to do and in some cases will teach you how to love what you’re doing.
And all you need to do to achieve this is to start.
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