Let’s talk post-pregnancy bodies. Contrary to what celebrity photos would have us believe, our bodies don’t just snap back into our pre-pregnancy shape. Society seems obsessed with the idea of “bouncing back”, leading many of us to develop unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of ourselves. For those of us who do easily lose our pregnancy weight: great! But the reality is that those are the few, and we are the many. Here’s the good news though: you can get your pre-pregnancy body back with a little bit of patience and a lot of dedication. 

First, don’t put pressure on yourself to bounce right back into shape. Remember that it took nine months for your body to make the changes to accommodate baby – doesn’t it make sense that it will take time for everything to change back, too? There are a number or things to consider when getting back into exercise after baby. The speed of your transition will depend on many factors, such as genetics, body type, weight gain during pregnancy, and your level of activity. As always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise regime, particularly if you had a difficult or complicated pregnancy or childbirth.


One area that will undoubtedly need work is your core strength. Your abdominal muscles have been stretched out of shape during your pregnancy and the extra weight of baby hitching a ride has put stress on your back and mid-section. The sooner we get this sorted out the better and this is where crossfit can help (don’t belong to a box? Join us here). WOF CrossFit runs a Mums and Bubs class on Fridays from 10:30am. Coach Anastasia is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer who will support you with expert technique instruction in a relaxed atmosphere with targeted post-natal exercises. She is also mum to a beautiful 6.5 month old baby girl who was born after a long, complicated labour that ended in a caesarean section. It’s safe to say that Coach Anastasia not only understands where you’re coming from, but also how to get you to where you want to go.

What’s great about Mums and Bubs at WOF CrossFit:mums and bubs

  • meet other like-minded mums
  • have fun while getting fit
  • you don’t need to find a babysitter
  • improve your muscle strength and endurance
  • increase your flexibility and mobility
  • enjoy core and cardio workouts
  • tone and condition your body
  • spend time bonding with your beautiful baby while getting fit and strong

Mums and Bubs classes are suitable from 4 weeks post-birth.




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