Get Re- Energized – 30 Day Challenge

Starts Monday 12th August through to Wednesday 11th September

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It’s NOT a Diet


The Challenge

We challenge you to try the Paleo lifestyle for 30 days with our WOF Crossfit family!

 We challenge you to get  stronger and healthier!

Based on a points system around nutrition and lifestyle, The Paleo Challenge will encourage you to live like our ancestors and adopt a more healthy approach to living to make you enjoy life to the fullest!

What is Paleo?

Paleo is a lifestyle, not a diet – eat “real” food — fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruit. Choose foods that are nutrient dense, with lots of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition.

It’s not a low calorie “diet” — eat as much as you need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy weight. In fact, paleo diet is probably much higher in fat than you’d imagine. Fat isn’t the enemy — it’s a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods like avocado, coconut and nuts.

Eating like this is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and reducing inflammation within the body. It also does great things for energy levels, body composition and performance in the gym. It also helps to minimize risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

The Paleo lifestyle emphasizes natural movement over machine-based exercises and brief but intense strength training workouts over extended sessions of steady-state cardio. Too much cardio is the exercise equivalent of “healthy whole grains:” touted by the Department of Health, recommended by doctors everywhere, and damaging to your entire system.  CrossFit is living the Paleo lifestyle.













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