Why I decided to bite the bullet & combat some very-well exercised excuses and apathy when it comes to my own health and fitness and joined WOF CrossFit.

I’m a mother of 3 (10,8,4), a wife to an insanely motivated, driven man who fills every minute of every day with activity – which in itself is exhausting – and am a published author – building a career writing transformative fiction. We are involved in school, church and our community in a number of ways. Life is full and there are many valid excuses for the lack of intentional physical activity in my life, but none of them are helping me achieve my goals – in any area.

  1. I don’t have time

Well, let’s just debunk that one straight away. It is a whole heap of huha. The problem is not time itself, the problem is that I haven’t prioritised exercise in my life since I was a teen – a very athletic teen. Being inactive or active is a decision, and it is absolutely something I can control. Do I have unlimited time – of course not but that just means I need to be strategic with the time I do have.

  • It’s more important for my hubby and kids to do CrossFit – I’d rather invest in them.

Well, this is true. And it’s not. With Matt’s long work hours, he needs the exercise, challenge and community at WOF to give him balance and maintain his mental, physical & emotional health – I value that! My kids love it too – it makes them feel strong and capable and pushes them to take risks and believe they can when the world tells them they can’t. I want that for them – so the investment is a sound one. The problem though, is we, as parents (mothers especially) often put ourselves on the bottom of the list – I would often say – ‘I can do something else, something that is free.’ But I don’t, or I might for a week and then life takes over again, and everyone else’s needs trump mine. BUT the truth is, any investment in me IS an investment in my family. Is my mental, emotional & physical health less important than theirs? No. In fact, my kids learn who they are, and what they are capable of partially by watching me, how I behave and treat myself and my body and how I engage in my life, and my marriage is positively impacted by my healthy mind, body & spirit too.

  • It’s expensive, I’d rather spend that time on a family holiday.

This is a big one for me. Let’s face it, CrossFit is not cheap, but no investment is. My little sister is an athlete & a working Mum, and she absolutely took me to town with her response to this excuse, her answer was the reason I joined WOF.

“Yes sis, you could spend that money on a family holiday. You could go and have a week in the sun with the family somewhere, but you’d feel just as lethargic, as unfit, as self-conscious, as un-motivated, and you wouldn’t engage in the activities you want to, with the enthusiasm your kids deserve. OR you could invest in yourself, go to CrossFit for the whole year – and EVERY weekend, you’ll be more motivated, more fit, more willing to have adventures with your kids, and you’ll feel happier in yourself and enabled to give your kids and husband the best of you. What is the better investment, what do you think they would choose?”

Talk about an uppercut to the heart. That one response destroyed every argument I’d ever made against focusing on my own health and fitness journey, because the truth is – I do want all of that. For them and for me.

I’ve been around WOF CrossFit for two years with Matt. I’ve been at many comps in the support crew. I’ve watched my kids participate for 2.5hrs a week for a year and I’ve marvelled at what the human body can do and at what my own kids have been able to overcome, but still I’d never been able to get over those last hurdles in-regards-to my own participation. That is different now. I’m 2.5wks in post the prep-course and am loving it. Focusing on my health and fitness for 2019 is an absolute, not an option, and I know that everyone in my household will reap the benefits.  

Thank you to all of you WOF CrossFit women who have blown me away with your strength, your determination to prioritise yourself, your courage to push harder than you think possible and prove to yourself that you can. I’ve been watching, as have our sons and daughters. You are seriously amazing and I can’t wait to get to know you all better. And of course our partners/hubbies/coaches and friends who encourage us when we think we can’t. Let’s do this!

Vanessa Evetts