Whole30 is a 30 day program designed to reset your body, regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, restore gut health, break sugar addiction, and change food habits.

Very often foods like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes are having a negative effect on our overall fitness and we may not even realize it. Energy Level, hormone levels, concentration, skin ailments, chronic pain, seasonal allergies, performance and ability to lose weight are all affected by your diet  and even “healthy” foods can cause problems. 

How do you know which foods are good for you individually and which aren’t?  During a 30 day period you will eliminate the most common food sources of inflammation in order to  allow your gut to heal.We will be stripping all the common problem foods and flooding your body with nutrition.  Then after 30 days you experiment with the “no” foods one by one to see how they affect you. Armed with the knowledge you can now decide which foods are worth incorporating back in as part of your diet and which simply aren’t. Whole30 is also going to teach you all about macronutrients, building a macro balanced plate, how to read food labels, and how best to fuel your body.

your goals.


Whole30 is not hard but it does require 100% commitment for the full 30 days and it will require you to put thought into your food. No more mindless eating or filling up an whatever is available. You owe it to your body these 30 days. After 30 days you will likely feel better than you have in recent memory and be empowered by your new nutrition knowledge. The knowledge you gain will allow you to custom craft your long term eating style and have a better idea of how to reach