12802706_477503172444255_2591307966504346173_nThis Saturday WOF CrossFit held its first ever WOF Games.  Two teams were put together and completed three weeks of challenges that included max burpees in one minute, putting bumper stickers on every car they possibly could, and inundating their friends with posts on Facebook.
Some found the challenges daunting, others found them motivating, but I think I can safely say that ALL felt brought closer together as part of the team and the wider WOF community.


1233387_477449309116308_6847843116841204911_nThis was seen during the day of the competition. Friends, family, and members came to support the two teams. Not so unusual, right? But what was really cool was that the two teams supported each other! 

The Black team cheered for the Red team when one of their members was completing her rope climb. A Red team member patted a Black team member on the back and congratulated them on their deadlift. Red and Black each cheered each other when their captains were attempting 160+ kg deadlifts. 

12743742_536238983202249_8241028219526407919_nNot only did Team Black and Team Red come together as individual teams, they came together as members of our community.

This nicely brings me to the point of this blog: the WOF community. The examples above aren’t out of the ordinary. Even when trying to beat one another, these people genuinely want each other to succeed. In classes it’s normal to hear someone encouraging another member whether it’s a “Good job” as they run past one another, or a “Nice one!” in the middle of a painful WOD. With the CrossFit Open having just started, there are even more examples of how fantastic these people are. I have watched as one woman was nearly brought to tears at the need to do a chest to bar pull up (having never accomplished one before). I watched as she was coached, encouraged, and praised for each attempt. I watched as she made her way to completing 18 of them.


This kind of support goes beyond the gym. Whether it’s yelling at the finish line at Round the Bays, or sending messages of support to someone attempting an Iron Maori, to setting up a Give A Little page for a member’s daughter to raise money for a sports trip; this is the most together community I have seen. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be a part of it?

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