With the 2016 CrossFit Open now drawing to a close, I figured it was a good time to look at some of the lessons we may – or may not – have learned from it. The Open definitely tested everyone who took part: hands were ripped, egos were tamed, tears were shed, and swearing happened. A lot.

  1. If you’re going to injure yourself do it with style.

1014363_488702374657668_1902899741814408645_nI hurt my back the weekend The Open started. I wasn’t even doing anything bad ass, which made it that much more disappointing that I had to withdraw from the entire event. Compare this sadness to a guy who was judging after doing his own WOD. He passed out, opened his head on a pole, and lay there apologising for interrupting the workout. That’s proper bad ass right there. (For the record, he’s fine and completed The Open).

  1. Everyone wants you to get that PB.

12795303_480099818851257_1666940488426507824_nI’m fairly sure Castro wasn’t hugged enough as a kid. Some of the movements for RX caused a lot of really capable athletes to opt for the scaled WODs instead. However, those who stuck it out smashed some serious personal goals out of the park. For 16.1, I saw a woman who had never completed a full rep chest-to-bar achieve 18 of the suckers. I’ll admit I got dust in my eyes over that. The amount of support for each and every single person who was competing was both heart-warming and deafening. If your heart wasn’t warmed and your ears weren’t deafened then perhaps you need to find a new box. Ours is great 😉


  1. Comparing yourself to yourself is your best benchmark.

How many groans were there over “16.5 is 14.5”? Some of the groans may have been due to the fact that 84 thrusters = fun in nobody’s book, however, many more were due to the apparent ‘anti-climax’ of the workout. All over the interwebs there are stories of people who absolutely thrashed their 14.5 scores. Kara Webb vs. Kara Webb is a pretty good example of this. If you haven’t seen it, then you need to remedy that.

Regardless of where you placed or what your goals were, be proud of the fact that you completed The Open. If it was your first ever attempt, or your tenth, congratulations on taking part. You passed the biggest test in the CrossFit calendar and you survived. Now you can go back to enjoying your normal WODs and look forward to doing it all over again next year.