I had a conversation with a mentor yesterday about something she likes to call “Sunk Costs”. Sunk Costs is the theory that once we spend some money on something, we are likely to keep spending money on it even if we probably shouldn’t. Ever have an old car and spend money to get it fixed, and then no more than a month later it needs more fixing and you say to yourself “Well, I’ve already spend $500 on it, so I might as well just get it fixed again”. We all do this. The same thing happens with time, “Well, I’ve already spend X amount of time in the course, I might as well finish it”.

This mentor has a friend who went to school for something, got her diploma, has worked in the field for a few years and is now thinking about switching careers because something else makes her more happy. SOME people around her are slightly concerned because they might view this as a waste.

Have you ever heard “no education is ever wasted”? I believe that is true, even if we don’t end up using exactly what we learned- the process and the journey is educational. No matter what you went to school for, no matter what your job title is now, no matter what you *think* defines you, doesn’t need to be permanent- if you don’t want it to be. Just because you spent money on something, or time earning or learning something, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it if it doesn’t make you happy. Yes, there is something to be said about “not giving up”, but if it makes you totally miserable, I say, Toss it.

I went to university and studied Religion, Social Services and Tourism. I worked as a bar-woman, a waitress and a restaurant manager while i was at uni. I managed to complete 3 years before moving to New Zealand. In Russia you have to finish 5 to have a degree.  Even though i have not completed all 5 years, it made me feel smart, and special. I spent a lot of money on that uncompleted degree and those tests and tons of other unrelated education. The job made me miserable. There were multiple times I would come home in tears because of how I was treated or the pressure of the job. I hated it. Did I waste my education? Maybe. Did I learn? Heck Yes.

You don’t need to stay in a bad relationship. You don’t need to stick with a job that isn’t emotionally rewarding. You don’t need to stay on that diet or exercise plan that sucks. You can LITERALLY do whatever the heck you want with your life- If you are looking for a sign- here it is.

If what you are doing right now isn’t working. Let’s switch it up.

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Go after that thing that lights you up. Passion is the driver of all success. Don’t just sit in the passenger seat- take the wheel.

-Coach Anastasia