12189086_430772900450616_6554762472224882285_nI was finding myself less able to keep up with my kids.  I couldn’t walk up the five flights of stairs at work without stopping.   I couldn’t recall the last time I did some real exercise – I was a total couch potato. 

 I saw an ad on Facebook for the WOF CrossFit weight loss warriors challenge. It was a 6 week commitment that offered nutritional support, personal training, fitness testing and regular group training.  I was thinking…it’s only six weeks, I can do that.  So I signed up.

 When I put on my cross trainers to go to the first session, my oldest daughter said to me, “Why have you got Aunty Moo’s shoes on?”  Aunty Moo is what my kids call my sister who has been at WOF CrossFit for over a year.  At six years old, my daughter had barely seen me in cross training shoes.  Right, time for a change.

 Before I started at WOF CrossFit I pictured coaches shouting at you to do one more rep, to go faster and lift heavier.  I pictured everyone able to do hundreds of pull ups and climb endless ropes.  They would definitely look down at an overweight couch potato.

 I was wrong.  The coaches stress form and technique first and foremost.  There is definitely no shouting, its supportive hands on coaching.  The community at WOF CrossFit is amazing.  Sure, there are some incredible athletes but these are REAL people with real goals to be fitter, leaner, faster, stronger.  The beauty of CrossFit is the ability to scale the movements which means this former couch potato can participate in every single workout. 

 I’ve seen some real results already.  After the weight loss warriors challenge, I lost around 23 centimetres from my chest, waist and hips in just 6 weeks.  Clothes are looser and moving is easier. 

 As part of the initial fitness testing for the challenge, I did a 500m row and it took me 2.32 minutes and I felt like vomiting afterwards.  At a CrossFit Lite session 8 weeks later, I was looking forward to the 500m row.  I completed it in 1.57 minutes and felt great and then went on to do the workout. 

 I signed up for six months before I’d finished the challenge because I was hooked!  I am working on consistency right now.  For me that means turning up three or four times a week, doing my best, focusing on my technique and starting to record the weights I’m lifting.  I’m also continuing my focus on nutrition – Coach Sam always says you can’t out train a bad diet!

 More recently, I really enjoyed participating in the 1980s WOD where we got to dress up and train to 80s music – the best decade for exercise music!  Coach Aaron even busted out the running man!  WOF CrossFit is a fun, welcoming, safe and passionate community that I’m proud to be part of.


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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