I needed to exercise more and with my wife already a member at WOF, and seeing the gains she has made and how much fun she said it was, it made sense to give it a crack!

I went along to a Saturday morning Team WOD and my first impression that day was, “F&@k that, I’m going  to die!!!”
The other athletes in the class were very supportive and made sure I was ok which made me feel part of the group which was awesome. I think if they hadn’t shown genuine concern and weren’t so friendly I wouldn’t still be doing it today.
Now I look forward to classes, I love the camaraderie, and knowing that I can walk into the box with out feeling I’m not good enough or everyone else is better than me (does that make sense?)

My first ‘bright spot’ was when I first completed a WOD within the time cap, and not feeling like I’m literally going to die every workout 😂😂

At the moment, I’m just generally trying to get my fitness up. If I gave up smoking I’m sure I would see huge gains in that (and my wife would love it). Even though I smoke (yes I know, naughty boy) my fitness levels have gone through the roof. If you told me to run 1 km a few months ago I would have laughed at you!

Aside from the gains I’ve made, the one thing that stands out and pretty much has since day one, is the friendliness of people. Every one is trying to help one another and push each other for that extra rep or gain.
I loved the Open. It shows how much of an awesome bunch of people we have; everyone cheering everyone on, people getting PBs etc . Just an awesome event to be apart of .

One thing you might not know about me, is that my nickname since I was a teen is Bean. It started off as Beano, the goofy comic character, then it changed to Mr Bean, (can you see a pattern here?), and now most of my
friends just call me Bean .