VerityI started running a few years ago when I returned from my OE bringing back with me a good 15kg of excess weight (let’s just say, I ate my way around America!). I went for my first run and barely made it through 5 minutes. I had to start somewhere though, and before I knew it I was doing 6 minutes, then 10, 15, 30…

Not only did I lose that excess weight I’d gained overseas, but I have found my overall energy has increased and my determination to reach my goals is stronger than ever.

I have run with some amazing runners over the last few years and have learned so much from them along the way. The base fitness that I have gained from running gives me that extra ‘go’ during CrossFit and I like the workouts.

Whether you have never been ‘run’ fit or whether you feel as though you had been a keen runner at a point in time and lost that fitness due to ‘Life’, then this beginners 5km series would suit you. I will take you through some techniques and exercises I have found helpful in my running journey and help you set achievable progressive goals

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