• Bootcamp Coach 


My journey started back in August 2014 at WOF CrossFit. I had always been interested in CrossFit as I’ve seen the CrossFit Games on TV and thought “Man, that would be cool to try it out!“ I was introduced by a friend of mine and have been hooked ever since.

I come from a heavy sports background played almost every sport possible such as volleyball, athletics – shot put, long jump and sprinting, rugby, floorball (indoor hockey), indoor soccer, handball, flag, and my primary sport softball.

So the different range of what exercises you can do in CrossFit really appealed to me as I immediately saw the benefits that CrossFit can give for any type of sport.

I started out in a normal gym where my dad taught me everything so I already knew a lot about exercising and I already knew how to do most of the core workouts such as back squat and deadlift. But I was always to scared to push my limits inside the gym, that is until I came to WOF CrossFit.

Once I came here I found that I could lift waaayyy more than I could in the gym, and that’s because I had a Coach there to help me during the workout. My sports background helped me a lot too as I picked up movements like double-unders and butterfly pull-ups very quickly with ease.

I’m mostly a power athlete and can move large loads quickly, which is super helpful in softball as it’s an explosive game where a lot of power is needed quickly in swinging a bat or sprinting bases.

For the last year I’ve been assisting the boot camp coaches with running the workouts. It’s been exciting to see the progress we can help people make when they decide to commit to their health and fitness and we can definitely see positive results in almost every person that comes through our bootcamp.

My favourite workouts are Back Squat, Deadlift, power cleans and the workout called “DT”

If you are looking to push the limits in terms of your strength, explosive power and speed then you should definitely consider going outside your comfort zone and join WOF CrossFit. Why not add elements to help you like powerlifting and Olympic lifting?

Here you will unleash the hidden power deep down within you that you never knew you had.

Come train with us and get them GAINZ!