12195903_10153657290962383_1419333493531822383_nI first found WOF CrossFit through a friend – Lance Craig. My first thought was that everyone would be super athletes, but it wasn’t really that at all. I’ve really enjoyed finding my max lifts and am now working on different things. I have been doing strongman stuff, like lifting tyres, battle ropes, slamballs etc, not just barbell stuff. My favourite memory at WOF so far has been back squatting 210kg.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I have a rare eye disease called Keratoconus, which means I wear a contact lens in my left eye. Glasses don’t work and I get depth perception issues if I don’t wear my lens. Sometimes you might see me squint my left eye or catch me crawling around on the ground looking for my lens because it can pop out really easily. At a cost of $399 for just one lens I don’t really want to buy a replacement!


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