If you’re anything like me you make wild statements every January about being organised for Christmas and having all of your shopping done by October. Of course, two weeks before the big day you realise that you actually haven’t bought a thing and now run the risk of giving gift vouchers and new undies to everyone.  Okay, so my last-resort gifts are pretty pathetic, but yours don’t have to be. I’ve put together a list of things you can give your CrossFit-mad loved one that they will LOVE. And if you’re a CrossFit-loving reader, you might even find some ideas to share with the rest of the family so that you get what you want this Christmas, too.


Let’s start with one of the more expensive items (you love this person, remember?). While CrossFit-specific shoes aren’t necessary for the box, they sure do help. They are lightweight, flexible, and stable – all the things we CrossFitters need from our footwear to help us through a standard WOD. Reebok Nano shoes are a fairly common sight in most boxes and come in a great range of colours that is sure to enable you to find the right pair for your loved one.

PT sessions with their favourite trainer.

Help your CrossFitter become even CrossFit-ier (it’s a word) by hooking them up with some personal training sessions from their favourite trainer. I guarantee your ribs will ache with their gratitude.

 WOD Book. 12107068_427429747451598_7166083785215111551_n

Every CrossFitter keeps a record of their workouts. Make it easy for your loved one to track their progress by getting them a kickass WOD book so they can record their workouts, PBs, food, and goals.

Dumbbells or Kettlebells.

If space is tight, dumbbells or kettlebells are the kinds of gifts a Crossfitter would appreciate. It will allow them to get in some extra practice time if they can’t make it to a class, as well as give them the opportunity to improve their strength.

samGears for wears.

Does your loved one work out so much that the washing machine is on a constant cycle so they don’t run out of gym gear? Expand their wardrobe with some new workout leggings, shorts, t-shirts, or singlets. Or how about some gear from their box?

Rollers and Lacrosse balls .

Crossfitters get sore: fact. Help your loved one keep their muscles free of knots by giving them a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Trust me; they’ll love you for this.

Rock Tape.

Looking for ideas for your CrossFitter’s stocking? Rock tape is an essential and comes in some great colours (you could even get some to match that new workout gear!)

Wrist Wraps and Knee Sleeves.

Wrist wraps will support your loved one’s wrists while they perform heavy lifting exercises when they’re at the box – another great stocking stuffer idea. Likewise, knee sleeves will help stabilise your loved one’s knees while they’re performing functional movements such as deadlifts, pistols, or squats.


Okay, this one isn’t quite as unisex as the other items, but still a gift that will be appreciated by longer-haired CrossFitters. There are some super cute ones at Rebel in a variety of colours and styles.


Lifting gloves (or guards) will protect your loved one’s hands while they’re lifting, doing pull ups, rope climbing, or swinging kettlebells. They’ll also help stop slipping while on the bar or rings when chalk just isn’t quite doing the job.

Skipping rope.1977433_10152632119783574_859932448_n

Skipping often shows up in WODs. Show your CrossFitter you love them by giving them their very own rope to practice double unders with at home. An advantage of this is that they can take it to the box with them and don’t have to muck about trying to find a rope of the right size next time skipping appears on the WOD board.

Protein Shaker.

Protein is important for your loved one’s muscle reparation after a workout. If your CrossFitter has a protein shaker it will be easier for them to nourish their bodies on their way out of the box so that they can go back for more without doing damage to their muscles. Maybe find out what kind of protein powder they prefer and get them some of that as well!

So, there you go. Now you can get shopping and show your loved one how much you love them. Many of the items on this list can be found in the WOF shop online, or pop in and see us to get some advice about what your CrossFitter will love. Happy shopping!

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