12799069_10205888414998244_4960814657653046972_nI was looking for something different. I had done kickboxing and boxing and few years earlier and then our trainer left – so had been looking for something to fill the void. I had tried Configure, Curves and various gyms but they just didn’t give me the buzz or challenge I was seeking.

My first impression of WOF was that I absolutely loved it. I met Anastasia at WOF during the Xmas holiday period of 2014. I loved her manner and approach and she just got me in terms of my headspace and what I was like. Ana was amazing and I loved the gym and the feel of the place – there were no egos and I didn’t feel like I had to compete with anyone else.

The only change for me is that I love it more and more. The members and coaches are amazing. It has been especially hard and challenging for me as I have been broken a lot and at times I didn’t want to go to a WOD as I knew that to accommodate my injury I would need my own special WOD. But the coaches never seemed to worry nor make a big thing of it – I always felt/feel included and welcome and that for me is what makes WOF so damn good.

Now don’t laugh but my first bright spot was actually a couple of weeks ago when I got my first mini box jumps. Box jumps really mess with my head, but I decided I was going to put the two really small ones on top of each other and did the WOD without even thinking about it. At the end of the WOD I went to hide out the back and try one of the small boxes – I jumped the low side so by this stage I was actually quite pleased with myself. Then Aaron, Amy and CK came out the back and got me jumping the small box on its highest height – I was so happy with myself and couldn’t have done it without them.

At the moment I’m working on everything ha hah 🙂 But really want to get full box jumps, double unders and a pull up un-banded.

My favourite WOF memory is the crazy Saturday crews – I love team WODs and that we all come together at varying fitness and strength levels with everyone being completely respectful of each other.

One thing my fellow WOFletes might not know about me is my love for Bacardi… 🙂

If I could say anything to someone who is considering CrossFit but is a little scared or unsure? Literally just do it!