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For a long time I was paying a membership to a gym, where I never really saw any results and I   wasn’t committing myself 100%.  There was no motivation or support and no one really noticed – or cared if I didn’t turn up.  Then an opportunity came about to trial a crossfit session at WOF.  Somehow I had found WOF on facebook and it would pop up from time to time, and I would think crossfit athletes are amazing, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be capable, fit or strong enough to join a crossfit gym.  The session was great and I really thought I was going to die afterwards, but Anastasia reassured me that everyone starts as a beginner, and workouts can be scaled to the individuals’ ability and to give myself a chance.  However I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge into crossfit, so I joined the WOF 6 week bootcamp.  Bootcamp was awesome and the instructors were really motivating and supportive and knew when to push you to your limits (They don’t really yell and scream at you like on television!) Before Bootcamp was due to end and I was still not ready to take the plunge into crossfit, I signed up for the WOF Weight Loss Warrior 6 week challenge. This took you through regular exercise and helped with your nutrition.  Not only was there loads of support and encouragement from Sam and Anastasia, but from the small group which consisted of 6 girls and one guy (lucky Monson!!)  We were all like-minded and all there for the same reasons, so we all got on really well, so well in fact that we all joined up to Crossfit so we could take over the Beginner WOD classes together!

12144814_10154333380052178_3954535424670980584_nIn the few months I have been with WOF there are so many wonderful WOF memories and “Bright Spot Moments” Attending a session on my birthday was a bit of a highlight.  I was trying to keep it on the down-low, but “someone” (Davina!!) had to tell everyone, so Sam created the “Tamara WOD”  – She’s a killer!! Ha-ha.   But it will be a WOD I’ll have to do every birthday now.

Another moment was when I had just completed my first WOD.  I was gasping for air, sweat pouring off me, could hardly move off the floor and CK, one of the ladies who has been at WOF for a while came up to me and said “See! Wasn’t that bad!!” She was right though. Yes picturing how I was looking and feeling at the time wasn’t good, but wow did I feel amazed afterwards.

There is always a sense of accomplishment every time I leave the box and yes I may not always finish the WOD’s but I challenge myself to things I didn’t know I was capable of.  Not only am I so inspired by the amazing WOF coaches (who all seem to have the patience of a Saint – thank you) but by the other members of WOF who are also inspiring as I am in awe of their amazing talents and overwhelmed with their support.  I have met some wonderful people on my journey and we’ve had some fun along the way.  WOF has certainly got me off my couch and out of my comfort zone, and people do notice when you’re not there, not because they are a “Cult” but they are Our Community. Our Whanau.


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