WOF CrossFit Team Primal Challenge

It was my first primal challenge – and I won!

I started off with a bang, meal prepping and lots of planning. But then I realised I was thinking about food a lot. What made a difference for me was planning, but not over planning! Making sure I had the right foods in stock to make sensible choices. Plenty of trips to the fruit and vege market and stocking the freezer with good quality meat. I ate leafy greens with every meal and made sure I had a reasonable amount of good fats with my meals. I started drinking more green tea – especially in the evenings as that’s my worst snacking time.

12358081_10156344517515074_1596334788_nI trained as much as I could. When I first started at WoF CrossFit in June this year, I ate terribly so I soon realised that I couldn’t get the most out of my training. Coach Sam gave us some great nutritional information as part of weight loss warriors (a 6 week course I’d signed up for).  I also had a goal setting session with Coach Ana and she offered me some great nutrition tips to keep me on track and to make sure I had the right fuel for training. All this information was really useful going into the primal challenge.

It wasn’t all easy though – sure I had some rubbish meals in amongst. But they were well out numbered by good meals! I have a real sweet tooth so I made a few primal treats along the way and almost always had bliss balls in my fridge. 

I hated keeping a food diary so I just mentally kept track thinking back over each day. I didn’t cook any fancy meals – it was very much back to basics for me. I really enjoyed the primal challenge – it was great motivation, everyone was really supportive and I had a fabulous challenge partner!

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