In February this year I had seriously invasive surgery on my legs for compartment syndrome, which had always prevented me from exercising due to debilitating pain. I was always overweight and really wanted to sort myself out once and for all. Once I was given the go ahead to exercise I was always at the gym I just loved to exercise! But I wanted something more than just turning up and sweating it out for a couple of hours. I had heard about Crossfit through the grapevine as you do but was always hesitant to try it. I thought I can’t do that or it’s too pricey for a poor university student so I gave up on the idea. Somehow I still found myself scrolling through the WOF website and looking at all the members stories like these as well as looking at YouTube videos on Crossfit or researching endlessly on the internet. I decided once and for all that I needed to give it a try for myself, because really you can’t know what it’s truly like until you try it. I signed up to a free intro class and never looked back. I remember thinking that only after 7 minutes that it was super hard and I was going to die but afterwards I felt such a satisfaction about what I had just accomplished.


As corny as it sounds I immediately felt like I had found my second family. I never thought I would ever set foot in a group fitness environment because I guess I was embarrassed but this is so different! You are only competing with yourself so nobody cares what your score was at the end of the day; they will still high five you regardless. Everyone is so supportive and so so lovely that I am actually so excited to go to Crossfit and it is the highlight of my day. Its not just a space to workout, its also a very social environment where we occasionally participate in activities together, so much more so than with a regular gym. My first impression was thinking that I would not be able to do any of the things that the others could do but now my attitude has changed to “I may not be able to do it yet but I will be able to!!” I am so excited for the months ahead at WOF, looking forward to training harder and seeing how far I can go. I know that everyday will be challenging but I know it will be worth it! stephRachel

It’s so hard to choose just one bright spot and I don’t even know which one is my first but I guess it would have to be the other day when I was out for a warm up run at WOF and realized when I got back that I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. It just made me realize that I am actually improving and making gains way faster than I would have by myself at the gym and because it is functional everyday movements I feel like it has really improved my quality of life.


In the short time I have been at WOF there is no way I can choose just one favorite memory! But I guess if I absolutely had to choose one it would be my first WOD class because previously I was doing Crossfit lite only. We were doing a WOD and I was the last one to finish. Even though I was the only one still going and class had finished people stayed and cheered me on right until the last pushup. I felt so supportive and moved because if I had been by myself at the gym no way would anyone have come up and done that. I felt such a sense of accomplishment that I had completed something I would have given up on.


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