I’ve just finished reading the book “the subtle art of not giving a f*#k” by Mark Manson and one section resonated with me to the point that I felt I should share my understanding and how I see it as relevant to you guys, thinking about a lifestyle change, whether you are daunted by the task ahead or are dealing with injuries.
When it comes to wellness, fitness and more specifically fat loss, It’s really easy to defer the steps toward change to the new week, month, season or year.
We do this because the big picture is scary and “too big” to tackle today.
We often tell ourselves, maybe next week I’ll have more time and energy, maybe next month I’ll have more motivation and so on in an attempt to excuse ourselves from effecting change…
We need to call ourselves to action, hold ourselves accountable and thrust new habits into our daily schedule.
A pattern of behaviour occurs from action. No amount of thinking, talking and defeating will elicit the wellness, fitness or fat loss you desire without action.

The way forward is to set about doing something! 

Set an achievable goal and make it a constant personal target. Something like, get fit, or loose fat is too general. I’m talking specifics. Tone up your arms or drop 5 kilos is provides a little more insight but that’s those two things are outcomes. I’m chasing an actual tangible “something” that will guide you toward an outcome and at the same time motivate you back along that bridge to wellness, fitness or weight loss.
Here’s an example of an actual “something” you could do daily to improve your “upper body strength” and “tighten up your arms”.
Each day for the next 30 days, execute 1 perfect push up.
To make it a challenge, on each new day, add 1 more push up. So on day 2 you could execute 2 perfect push ups and so on for the thirty days. (Not sure about push ups, send us a message and we will send you a video of the way we teach our push ups at WOF CrossFit to figure out which stage best suits you. 

That’s a starting point of doing “something” achievable that you can do daily. “Something” measurable that you can repeat daily. “Something” consistent will provide you with a win and help you to gain forward momentum, motivate and inspire yourself!
Completing your daily “something” might not seem like much initially, but repeated consistently for 30 days will have monumental results. 
It will also spur you in the right direction, because the small, daily successes will provide you with internal motivation and as each day is completed, you will take one step closer to that “big picture” goal.

The same process can be applied with eating and effective nutrition. You want to loose 5kg before summer rolls around? You don’t feel like you’ve got time and nutrition is such a daunting topic. A small measurable daily “something” that you can start you on the path to that big picture. Maybe it’s reducing your energy drink consumption to one a day, maybe it’s cutting out that afternoon chocolate bar. If your not sure where to start, Dani and Anastasia have had great success with applying nutrition and fat loss, don’t take my word for it, here’s a couple of our members to share their nutrition experiences. Check out amazing results HERE.

No matter the big picture goal, doing “something” today, will help you take that first step. Small, regular achievements build internal motivation and inspiration. This coupled with being consistent is far more likely to lead you to achieving your big picture goal. 
Do “something” and if you are not sure where to start, come see us for a No Sweat Intro so we can narrow down you’re “something”!

Coach Sam