I first came to CrossFit to lose weight. I believed that CrossFit would help me to reach my weight loss goals. I felt as though I would die after my first day with coach Aaron. I was unfit and it was so hard. I am getting used to it now although it is still hard (but getting better).

I started losing weight within my first two weeks at the box. It definitely keeps me motivated to keep it up!

I have a couple of goals I’m working towards at the moment. One is my goal weight of 85kg, and the other is to learn about recovery from training and injury to prevent new injuries or irritating old ones. At the moment I have issues with my knee, shoulder, and both wrists so recovery and rest are important to help my body heal.

My favourite thing so far about this journey is that after 2 months of training I have reached 98kg – the first time I’ve been below 100kg in 5 years and down from my start weight of 114kg. Great progress!






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