ScottliftingI had always liked the idea of CrossFit and coming from a squash background, high intensity training was what I enjoyed. What brought me to WOF in particular was word of mouth from a few of my friends, WOF had a good reputation within the CrossFit community in Wellington so I thought I would go down and check it out.

My first impression was “Interesting” because you see CrossFit on TV with everyone doing crazy things and when I first walked the first thing I saw was a couple of shirtless guys doing muscle ups so that was quite intimidating. Very quickly though one of the coaches come up and was very friendly, showed me around and explained everything in the gym. I am no long at all intimidated and even feel relaxed and at home in the box.  One thing that hasn’t changed though is the people which I think make the box, everyone is so friendly and make everyone feel at ease whether you go once a week or twice a day everyone is treated as an equal.

I have had so many bright spots it hard to single out one, every PB is celebrated regardless of how big or small and everyone is always encouraging and driving you forward.  For me I am a super competitive person so my bright spot would probably be going to the Mount for team nationals.  I felt out of my league and wasn’t sure how I would go but everyone on the team was so supportive and helped out every step of the way.   It was also very cool to see all the Facebook messages of support from everyone who couldn’t make it to watch, which just shows how close the box is and how everyone drives each other to succeed.

Unfortunately right now I am injured, so my training is very limited.  I am taking this opportunity to do my internship to become a CrossFit coach.   I really want to be able to help people achieve their goals whether that is simply to get fit and lose weight right up to wanting to compete.  It is always a good way to get even more involved in the CrossFit community which is so much fun and the main reason I think CrossFit is so successful.

My favourite WOF memory would be the 2 year in-house competition.  It was so cool to have an event with divisions that got so many people involved regardless of fitness level and the turnout was great not just of competitors but so many supporters came down just to cheer everyone on.  The BBQ afterwards is always fun too when you get to hang out with everyone

One thing you don’t know about me? I don’t have any secrets!

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