*CrossFit Intern

Hi, my name is Scott.  I started my CrossFit journey at WOF in January 2015 after suffering a fairly major knee injury rock climbing.  I found CrossFit great after surgery as everything can be scaled to anyone’s ability – even someone like me who was 8 weeks out of surgery and 6 weeks off crutches. This was a big reason why I got addicted!!

After I recovered and started to increase my training, I started to compete from about June 2015 which added further to my love of CrossFit. One of my highlights so far was our in-house competition which just proves why CrossFit is so popular.  There were so many people that turned up just to watch and support everyone and all of the athletes help and support each other even though it is a competition.  My next challenge is to continue progressing and work on my weaknesses so I can enter my first RX competition which I am hoping will be January 2017

I started my personal training certificate in October 2015 and started coaching at WOF in January 2016.  I love coaching as it lets me express my passion for CrossFit and share that with others.  I also love to see people do things they thought they couldn’t or had never even thought to try.  We are all capable of incredible things and as a coach I get the chance to help them achieve their goals however big or small.  I can’t wait to further my coaching so I can be the best I can at helping people become the best they can be.


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