11025230_337464246448149_6967853633058708319_nI made the mistake of taking interest in how a colleague had lost a bunch of weight and once I asked her, she didn’t stop badgering me until I promised I would check out my local box. After looking at the WOF website and seeing that there  were real people doing awesome things I was keen!

I remember thinking that CrossFit couldn’t be that different to the group workouts I was doing at Les Mills. What a joke! Now I know that I get to come along and see friendly faces and get down and dirty with a great range of different and always challenging workouts.

My best memory so far the first time I wasn’t the last person to complete a rounds for time. Then I finally felt like I was getting somewhere! And Laura Swift telling me to suck it up and join ‘the hundy club’ on my deadlifts just recently. We managed to match each others PBs for about 3 weeks before I had to miss a class….she is now 3kgs ahead of me!

I’ve got two goals for 2015 – a +100kg back squat and 5 unbroken doubleunders. Im pretty sure I know which one I will achieve first…


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