I’d been having PT sessions with Anastasia for a few months when I mentioned to her that I was thinking of joining the local gym. She suggested that I try CrossFit Lite and, although I didn’t think I had the skill or fitness level to attend, I agreed to give it a go. On my first night I was quite intimidated. Everyone seemed to know each other and I Sam's storywasn’t sure what to exercises to expect in the workout. But everyone is so welcoming and genuinely want to see you have a good workout. Success is celebrated and working to be the best you can be is truly encouraged. Completing my first CrossFit Lite class and being completely exhausted while also feeling a true sense of accomplishment is still my favourite WOF memory. I realized that I loved crossfit after having a terrible night with my 10 month old. Instead of reaching for coffee and chocolate the next day, I thought ‘I can’t wait to get to WOF and have some ‘me’ time’. ­­Now, after a couple of months into WOF CrossFit, I feel like I am starting to get it. I still get nervous before a class, but I know everything is scalable and the coaches are there to help me work on my technique to ensure that I am doing the correct movements and reaching my goals.


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