When I first came to WOF I had recently moved to NZ from Aussie and my 2nd bub was only 12 weeks old. I wanted to start exercising again and also meet some new people so I started bootcamp.
My first impression was that I was so overwhelmed! I had not exercised in about a year; I was overweight, unfit and extremely insecure about my body. Everyone seemed so fit and I almost died, like legit almost died when I ran 400m just to warm up! I went home feeling like I was crazy for starting, but kept at it and I’m super glad I never stopped. After 3 rounds of bootcamp I shifted to CrossFit. BEST MOVE EVER!

I have so many bright spots from my time at WOF. I have loved competing in the NZFL, Fittest Mum, and Rising Stars competitions –  and most recently, The Open, the atmosphere is amazing and everyone is super supportive!

I continue to work hard and smash goals. I recently got my first pull up and my first toes2bar and am now continuing to work on pull ups. I would love to be able to do a handstand push up!
When I first started I never dreamed that I could make so many amazing friends and am so grateful that I
found WOF and their awesome community.

WOFlete for life…. well for the next 3 years anyways!