12733503_459841200874025_9147300687506195231_nA New Years resolution first brought me to CrossFit – not what you think though, not to be fit, but to do something I have always wanted to but never tried before. As a single mum, I’ve never felt I had time to do something for me so CrossFit bootcamp was what I chose. My son did some pre-season ruby training a couple of years ago, and there were two groups of parents, those that went “that looks awful” and the ones that said “OMG I so want to give that a go” – I was in the latter, and have been wanting to do it ever since.


I was pretty scared and on the first night everyone said how many bootcamps they had already done, and there are some veterans!  I was  bit overwhelmed but everyone was so friendly and helpful that I just kept coming back . The bootcamp was a great way to start because it’s a short time commitment and a good way to see if it fits into your life, but long enough to see some real changes.


I’m not scared anymore, and when the coaches write up the WOD on the board, instead of thinking “Holy shit, I’m gonna die” I think, “Yep I can give that a go”.  That’s the beautiful thing about CrossFit; you can go at your own pace and you’re essentially competing against yourself.  I feel that going to bootcamp has really helped me in other parts of my life. 99% of the time you are competing against yourself and all that negative self-talk – I have had a ridiculously busy year at work and just being able to take some of the stress out through CrossFit has kept me semi-sane.

My first bright spot? After doing a leg work out and a billion squats having to use the disability ramp at the train station because my legs hurt so much I couldn’t use the stairs?  Ok no, that’s not what you meant? My first bright spot was at the end of the first bootcamp doing the fitness test and seeing after six weeks how much I had improved.

At the moment I’m working on my upper body strength – I could literally not do a full push up on the first night. I can do them now but it’s still a work in progress.  Also I’m trying to be more co-ordinated; luckily I haven’t fallen off or over anything – yet!

I don’t have a favourite memory, I just really enjoy going. I love how the coaches are really helpful and are interested in making you get better; the banter during the workouts, that’s hilarious! I just can’t imagine life without it now.

No one knows this yet because it was announced yesterday, I am a finalist in the CCINZ (Call Centre Institute of NZ) Team Leader of the Year award – I’m lovely really – just ask my team!  Like I said earlier, I couldn’t have achieved this without having some balance in my life and it’s CrossFit that has provided that for me.  I am truly thankful to the coaches for supporting me!


My advice to someone considering it but too scared? Give it a go, it won’t kill you!