RhiaI joined WOF CrossFit to try a different type of training. A friend had gotten in to it first and suggested I gave it a go.

My first impression at Box was that it was a bloody hard workout. I’ve always been very active but my muscles ached for days after those first few sessions! Nowadays, I hurt afterwards but not for so long! My impression hasn’t changed at all, it’s still a challenging way to workout… I must enjoy it because I keep coming back!

My first “bright spot” was doing the first toes to ring!! I felt a bit surprised when I managed it… Goes to show that a lot of what you don’t think you can do is just mental.

I’m not working on to much right now… My focus is in my netball season but when that’s over I’ve got a pull up programme to work on with the aim of getting my first strict pull up!

I’m not too sure about my favourite WOF memory, all I will say is I’m glad I gave WOF a go… I had been a member at another box previously and quit after 6 months as I didn’t like the atmosphere, it felt very elitist. There is none of that at WOF even though there are some primo athletes. I feel comfortable working out there and that’s down to the coaches and other members who make it the vibe feel that way.


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