12705331_10207593755100427_1485871393196715232_nI’ve always been a gym goer and have been going regularly to a trainer for over 15 years as well as running on my own, including a few half marathons. To my annoyance, I still was not getting the results I thought I deserved. I have a friend who is a WOF member and she told me about the success she was having and I knew it was for me. I started off slow with WOF Bootcamp and soon moved on to CrossFit.

My first impression of WOF was that it was really inviting, not daunting at all. As time goes by, I realise everyone has similar goals and everybody wants to get on and achieve them. The support you get is incredible.

I must admit I am a quiet achiever, so I kind of tally things in my head as I go. January this year, I realised I had achieved quite a few things, so wrote them on the PR Board: Toes 2 Rings, Handstand Push Up, Double Unders, Box Jumps. This was a real sense of accomplishment for me. For me lifting is my next challenge and I would like to go to a competition this year. I am working on my lifting technique and building strength.

My favourite WOF memory so far would have to be the WOF Games we had in February. We split the box into two teams and completed challenges throughout the month for points – I made top points scorer for our team. Woohoo! The games days itself was such a buzz, so many great workouts that challenged us all physically and mentally. The friends I made as a result of it has been awesome.


*individual results may vary*