I have been closely following a group called The Quad in Chennai India and that made me search for something similar here in Wellington. I am always a group kind of person and never like being alone so wanted to join group exercise classes which is why I chose WOF Crossfit. Really can’t believe I am so addicted to going there. I feel restless if I don’t exercise …never had this kind of feeling…. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

Being in a foreign country I always didn’t feel easy to talk to people around me but this has changed. Crossfit is really a community. People talk to me and encourage me to do better. My first class was kind of OK but then Anastasia took real good care to make me feel comfortable and fit into the culture. PreetiI never thought I would be able to do the basic exercises like squats, lunges, or skipping…I am loving it all. Yes I love skipping! It connects to my childhood and I relish it. Although I can’t even skip 1 complete minute yet, but I will get there.

I am attending the WODs 2/3 times a week and also CrossFit Lite 2/3 times. I am working on getting my core stronger so that I can do V situps.

My first WOF memory is my first morning class with Lance Craig and he modified the wall walk for me and  I loved it. I am also working with Coach  Aaron for the wall walks. My most favourite memory is lifting weights and barbells.

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