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What brought you to WOF CrossFit in the first place?  Maria Cowley said I should try a Mums and bubs sessions 4 years ago What was your first impression?  Loved it as it was inclusive, had technical elements and competitive elements How has that changed?  Not much...

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What brought you to WOF CrossFit in the first place?   Mum's & Bub's - was so great to have somewhere to go with the little ones What was your first impression?   Very friendly and fun environment  How has that changed?  Still the same - every work out is hard but...

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What brought you to WOF CrossFit in the first place?   - A Christmas present from a good friend who wanted me to try what she enjoys What was your first impression?   - When does the pain go away?  haha ... that my first Bootcamp with Amy was fun and by the end of 6...

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What brought you to WOF CrossFit in the first place?  When I first moved to Porirua I knew I wanted to start CrossFit and word of mouth and high recommendations meant I was always going to choose WOF. What was your first impression?  A really great, bright place where...

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What brought you to WOF CrossFit in the first place?  I was working out at a "run of the mill" city gym and seeing ok results, but the workouts were getting monotonous and not providing the excitement and challenge I was wanting.  Additionally, my beautiful, amazing,...

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After suffering from 2 ruptured Achilles I could no longer play netball. My sister in law had been attending a bootcamp in town and said they can adapt workouts for injuries etc. I did some research and rung WOF as well as some others, but WOF was the only bootcamp...

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Danielle's nutritional coaching experience "The nutritional plan was easy enough to follow and made it easy to manage a busy week since I was food prepping a lot more. So after the first couple of weeks, it was stress-free.  I was apprehensive at first but after those...

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This is what dedication and hard work look like! Paula just finished 6 weeks of summer shred challenge. No starving, no magic pills or meal replacements!  Results are amazing!  What are you waiting for? Message us now on 0211980198 Check out our nutritional...

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Please meet Rona and her experience with WOF Nutritional coaching! "Ice Cream! Chocolate and Liquorice. If I could live on these 3 yummy sugary foods I would. Why not? There are no benefits from these foods, it’s just pure indulgence. I thought it was time to knock it...

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I got into CrossFit a couple of years ago when I first did my On Ramp with Anastasia. I did not pursue it then as I discovered I had a lot of tightness in my muscles, and I was not mentally and emotionally ready. I had just re-enrolled this year starting with Bootcamp...

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