If you have not joined up to your local CrossFit Box (You can join ours at WOF  CrossFit) then there’s probably only 2 reasons why you haven’t yet…

The first reason I’ll save for another post, but the second reason is probably along the lines of this….

Many people curious about CrossFit ask the question:

“Really? Can anyone do CrossFit or do I have to be in shape to start?”

Before I tell you the answer click play on this video here and watch this short video

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CrossFit – “I Feel Like I just Started My Life”

Christine Pereira was unhappy. At 270 lb (122kg) she felt trapped. Literally.

“Before CrossFit, I was miserable by being in a body that I felt didn’t match my inside,” Pereira explains.

“Everything was impossible. Everything was difficult … just every day, going up the stairs. I was truly unhappy.”

Pereira also felt helpless. She would browse magazines, thinking there was no way she could ever be as slim as the models pictured.

“I didn’t think it was possible. Not at all,” she says. “I was gonna be that big, fat person for the rest of my life—that’s what I thought.”

That all changed when she found Brethren CrossFit in Morgan Hill, Calif.

Today, the 34-year-old is 177 lb (80kg)

“It’s made me so much more secure in myself,” Pereira says. “I feel like I just started my life.”


So you see from the YouTube video that, literally anyone can do CrossFit. It doesn’t matter whether you are unfit, have old injuries, or overweight.

You are welcome at our CrossFit Gym.

This is where you come to get fit. This is where you come when you are sick of your normal globo gym routine and want to change things up.

CrossFit is based around functional movements. Normal everyday movements you do in everyday life. Picking up your kids from the ground? Deadlifts will help with that.

It doesn’t matter if you have no athletic background either. Every workout is different. You will never get bored at CrossFit.

Inside the CrossFit community, we have big people participating as well as small people. We have people that have their movement restricted by an old injury. We have people with one arm. We have people with no arms. We even have people with no legs!

So what does that tell you?

CrossFit can be for everyone. You do not need to have all four limbs nor do you need to have Annie Thorisdottir‘s six-pack (it’s more like an 8-pack).

CrossFit can definitely be for everyone and here’s why…



This is the awesome thing about CrossFit. EVERYTHING can be scaled. Everything.

The workout can be scaled to suit your athletic ability. Have old injuries? Our qualified coaches will give you an alternative exercise so you can get the same benefit as others.

Is the workout too hard for you? No worries, you can scale down (remove weights).

Is the workout too easy for you? No worries, you can scale up (add more weight/advanced movements)

Or you can just give the prescribed recommended (Rx) weight a go.

Either way, every workout can be scaled. Always know this my friend.

You do not have to compete with the members in the CrossFit Box.

Except if you are training to be a competitive athlete, then remember you are only competing against yourself.

You don’t need to worry about out-lifting everyone else.

You don’t need to worry about beating everyone else’s time either.

You are there to get fit and you are competing against yourself.

You are there to do YOUR BEST.

And like mantra of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says

“Be better than you were yesterday”



CrossFit can be for everyone. You can scale everything. You do not need to be fit to start. But in the end, you do need to have a big heart….(especially when it comes to ‘The Girls‘)

anyone can do it




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