Can you remember the New Year’s Resolution you set yourself for the start of 2015? If you can’t, you’re not alone. Many of us set ourselves goals at the beginning of a year, and just as many of us either forget them immediately, or make a token attempt before putting it on the back
burner and letting life get in the way.

One of the problems that many of us face is that we set resolutions instdiscipline_is_just_choosing_between_what_you_want_now_and_what_you_want_mostead of goals. We resolve to be healthy instead of breaking it down into smaller, more specific goals. Think for a minute how broad the statement “I want to be healthy” is. What does that mean to you? Being focused and specific will help you to narrow down what it is that you want and give you something that is easier to gauge and work towards.
Some of your goals might be:

  • To cut refined sugar from your diet
  • To join and attend the gym three times a week
  • To visit a nutritionist and create a meal plan
  • To drink two or more litres of water per day

Within those goals is the potential to further narrow the focus. Think about how you’ll accomplish those goals. Keeping a log book or record of your workouts and food/water intake can really help to keep you focused and accountable.

if_you_really_want_to_do_something,_you_will_find_a_way._if_you_don_t_,_you_will_find_an_excuseAnother problem is waiting until January 1st to get started. While it’s admirable to start the year with good intentions, wouldn’t it be better to start the year with a good habit already developing? Why not end a year the way you intend to begin the new one? People often say that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter. The point is, developing good habits require consistency, perseverance, and patience. Instead of waiting until the first day of 2016 to start a habit (and let’s face it, we’ll likely be hungover and tired and in no mood at all to be starting new things), use this time to get comfortable and familiar with a new routine. You’ll get a head start on your goals and feel better about yourself – even with that inevitable hangover.

Positive change should be welcome in our lives every day of the year, not just for the first 30 or so. Making time for constructive and healthy change when we’re busy means that we’ll be more likely to keep it up when January arrives. And February. And March. And….

The only difference between today and New Year’s day is time. While your time might be limited this month, you’ll be better off spending a small amount of it working towards achieving your goals than waiting till January to make a hasty resolution that is unlikely to last through the month. Whatever your goal is, you don’t need to wait until #newyearsresolution is trending to get a foot on that bandwagon. focus-goals

Remember: change takes time. The road will have pot holes. Sometimes you won’t want to do it. Being consistent and setting realistic, specific goals is what will get You to Your finish line. Small steps are just as effective as big ones.

Contact us if you want help with your goal-setting. We’re always happy to see you.

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