Have you decided which gym to join up yet?

There is so much choice in Porirua and every gym is great but so different!

Let me tell you about us!  

At WOF CrossFit we concentrate on beginners and fun! We might never have “the games “ athletes and we are ok with that. We love to see you learn, develop and make better life choices when it comes to your health.

After all, being a part of the gym that offers nutritional support might help you save money on doctors bills.

We celebrate your achievements with you and help you to work on your goals. We put a lot of effort into good technique and your safety. We help you to scale and understand where your limits are and we modify workouts for you if needed due to a pre-existing injury.

We don’t have contracts, we don’t charge a registration fee and we don’t offer discounts as we believe that everyone deserves to be treated the same way. We understand that joining Crossfit gym can be intimidating but we promise to look after you, deliver the best service we possibly can and keep you safe.

Come and check us out. We offer a no sweat intro where you come in, have a look around, have a chat without any obligations and make your own decision after that! What do you say?