12800102_478684838992755_5428157436649609350_n (1)I’d heard about how great CrossFit is and how addictive it can be, so I thought I’d better see what the fuss was about. WOF happened to be the closest one to my house and it has been a great choice!

My first thought was: ‘Crap, what have I got myself into?!’ I wanted to be sick after some On Ramp sessions and found myself dreading the first few WODs I did. It’s now changed to enjoyment and a sense of feeling proud after completing some killer workouts. The gym itself is impressive with good equipment and welcoming, friendly gym members.

At the moment I’m working on just getting to know the workouts and movements each session to make sure I’m doing them correctly without hurting myself. I also aim to increase my lifting weights over the next few weeks to add some oomph to my workout.

Call me crazy, but my favourite memory so far is doing 150 wallballs. Who can forget that?!

One thing you don’t know about me is that I’m a paediatric nurse and have done CPR on a plane!


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