You know what the inside of a gym looks like right? You work out fairly regularly but you seem to have hit a wall? Scales not moving, or even…they’ve increased (!) Sound familiar? Well first of all, scales are for fish, are you a fish? If you answered no, then read on and find out why scales probably aren’t the way to go and how we can perhaps more accurately track our body’s movements.

Did you know fat takes up more room in your body than muscle? Common sense tells us that a kilogram of fat and a kilogram of muscle is going to weigh exactly the same, however muscle is much denser than fat. This means, a litre of fat weighs on average .9kg while a litre of muscle weighs 1.06kg. So, with that in mind, your scales may not be moving much but are you taking measurements?

If you’re burning fat and building muscle (hello the benefits of CrossFit) then it serves to reason that those pesky numbers staring up at you from the bathroom floor won’t be moving much or maybe even increasing (and incase my point hasn’t been made yet- that’s a good thing!) However, if you’re taking measurements from your arms, legs, butt, hips and stomach you would probably see quite a change in the numbers over a few months of regular works outs and healthy eating.

Also, let’s not forget that we are humans, we change, we all have different needs, one person’s prescribed workout is likely to be quite different to your own, so make sure you do some research, ask professionals and get the right advice. And most importantly remember not to beat yourself up or completely give up at the first slip up, mistake or plateau, these are the building blocks of your fitness routine, if you can smash past those hurdles you’ll come out the other side stronger physically and mentally – it’s a win-win.