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  • Monson has been with us for 6 months now
  • Starting weight over 140kg
  • Weight as of 26th November 126kg!
  • Can you do it? Of course you can!

So what brought me to CrossFit??? I stumbled into it. I wasn’t looking for it it found me. I was browsing through Facebook and saw some stuff about bootcamps and thought I needed to get up and do something. So I did what any normal person would do and went straight to google and googled bootcamp.I was looking through all sorts of bootcamps that were starting,what they offer and all that stuff. I kept refining my search but then I would see WOF CrossFit pop in in the searches and was like WTH! I thought they were some overseas place that just happened to pop up all the time then clicked on the link just to satisfy my curiosity and saw it was local….very local. I browsed through their site saw a program that was starting within the next few weeks that was exactly how I felt and needed. But the clincher was the address because I use to live at 9 Wall St. It was like fate telling me something.

Walking in the first time I was nervous. I saw one class and was like what did I just get myself into I CANNOT DO THAT!!! The thing I was familiar with CrossFit because I had watched some of the CrossFit games a couple of years ago and enjoyed watching it because I like a good competition. I may have not known too much about it at the time but I a good spectator and picked someone to back. Anyway back to my jaw being on the floor, I must admit I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to get through the six weeks I had signed up for first class was “just testing” we were told. “To see your progress at the end.” Well Lets just say I did not for one second believe the test by the end of it. I wasn’t angry but I had come out thinking I have six weeks of that to do and I can’t back. But the next class wasn’t That, it was slower than the test and with each class we were eased into more movements we would experience along our CrossFit journey. Yeah its hard but you are not forced to do what you aren’t able to do at the time. I you have to do it as it is but it’s not about that it’s going as hard as you are comfortable with then when you’re too comfy pushing further. Yeah i still think what did I get myself into but I know that I can take it at my own pace and get beyond what I think I can do.

My bright spot came when we did the test again at the end. I was so sure I that I was going to hate as much as the first time, dreading each the end of each class as we got closer and closer to the end. I still hated only because I had done something to some muscle in my leg that I don’t know the name of and couldn’t row which meant I did not complete the entire test. I thought I haven’t really done anything great during these last six weeks I’m still the same as when I walked in the first time but I wasn’t. I had improved from the first test and I am still standing at the end of it. No way so I had to do more, those six weeks flew by and I enjoyed it all.

Currently I’m working on me. By me I’m trying to build up to some of the skills and movements that I’m still not sure about. The lifting maks me the most nervous because I don’t think I’m strong enough to lift heavy. Thanks to the coaches I push myself a little at a time. I remember what weight I have lifted how I feel in that moment and how I feel afterwards and then decide if I will go heavier next time or try it at the same weight. I still feel uncoordinated when I do the lifting movements but I will get it programmed into my body.

Is there one moment at WOF that I think about all the time? Nope every moment I have spent there has been fun. There’s the time I did pull-ups and actually saw over the top of the bar for the first time. I did scale it down by using some bands but I never thought that the bands would help me get to see the veiw over the bar. There the women I met when I first walked in who pushed me to do better coz they were killing it and I was not. They were the first friends I made and the continue to push me to be better. Then there was meeting Sam and Ana for the first time, they are part of the reason I enjoyed being in class those first weeks there.

I don’t think there is anything more to tell about myself. I like to read now. Back in school not so much I’ve just gotten into it these last few years. Even when I don’t have a book to read I find myself looking for signs to read because if I don’t I tend to wonder away. I don’t know why I’m about to share this but here we go. I’m a One Direction fan. Not some die hard fan or anything but I’ve watched there career from the beginning when they first appeared on X Factor. My brother would say that I’m a die hard fan only coz I had not nice things to say to him when he said not nice things but i was only being supportive of them. So there my secret is out I like One Direction and have all their albums.


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