12015226_10153623644552383_7610009413491789813_oMobility is the most important element of CrossFit. The better your mobility, the easier a movement will be. The easier the movement, the more you can increase your strength and improve your endurance. To be clear: mobility and flexibility are not the same thing. Flexibility works mainly on your muscles, while mobility encompasses both muscular and joint movement.

“But we do mobility exercises at the start of each workout”, I hear you say. Yes, you do. However, if you want to see improvements in your times, reps, or weights you won’t get very far without focusing on developing proper mobility outside of your workouts.

Most of us work in jobs where we are stuck sitting at desks all day. This severely limits our mobility by causing our hips, legs, and core to get tight. One of the ways to get around this is to create a program that works on your mobility either at your box (don’t have a box? Join us here) or at home.

Our bodies adjust their position to compensate for lack of mobility, so while you might be lifting heavier all you are really doing is increasing your risk of injury or further damage to your body.12088468_10153623645037383_8116990442728929059_n

Mobility is not just about strength: it’s about strength in the right positions. It makes your movements efficient and minimises premature fatigue – all of which is great news if you want to smash PBs consistently.

By working on your mobility you will increase your range of motion and your health. Here are 5 mobility exercises to get you started (remember to always check with your doctor if you have health issues). You can always ask your coach for help.

Mobility class is Free To All WOF Members – Tuesday at 18.30pm

For more info please call us now on 021 1980198 or email to info@wofcrossfit.co.nz

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