12036417_1099271186752538_620098284440330717_nExcess weight , all 110kg’s of it haha weight loss goals brought be to WOF CrossFit. At the start of my journey,  I found it hard as would any person who hadn’t exercised in years would but the support and encouragement and the friendly environment at WOF had me hooked.

My bright spot was doing the Tongariro Crossing without thinking i was going to die.  The first time i did the crossing i was only 4 months into my training and i swear i nearly died and swore i would never do it again.  After a year and a half of training at WOF, the opportunity arose for me to do it again so i did and i completed it an hour an half faster than the first time and in high spirits.  All the box jumps/step ups and pushing through the fatigue at WOF got me through it not just physically but mentally.  

I had a league injury earlier on in the year and had 6 weeks off with physio and it took a huge toll on my motivation to train and eating habits so i’m trying to get back onto the wagon again, slowly but surely!

My best memory is doing my first Bootcamp  when i first joined WOF and doing a 100kg deadlift.  Now to aim higher!

15287_902874643058861_7828054400976051866_nPost from October 2014:

“A year ago today i started my weight loss journey. I was huge and embarrassed of the body i had created. I pulled out all the excuses, ‘no babysitter’…..WOF crossfit has a kids room, ‘I can’t afford it’……but i could buy takeout all the time, ‘i don’t have enough time’……but i had heaps of time to sit on the couch and the list goes on.
I joined WOF CrossFit bootcamp over three 6week periods. I’ve since stayed with WOF and have lost over 30kg’s, 4-6 sizes smaller, healthier, fitter and stronger.
When i feel like quitting, i remind myself why i started and that’s a horrible place (or should i say body) to be in lol so to all my facebookers who are on their weight loss journey, repeat after me “I CAN DO THIS”


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