I realised my haphazard fitness regime was not doing much for me.  I also wanted to get stronger rather than just fitter.  I had seen a couple of people post about CrossFit and liked the  look of the wide range of exercises and the mix of strength and fitness.  I knew I had really limited time to exercise so I had to do something that would get results without high commitments of time.  I was also going on a big hunting trip into the Southern Alps three months after I started.  The terrain is punishing and I wanted to be ready for it – and I was.  It was an amazing trip in incredible country.

My first impression was that people were friendly and that the coaches would work with my current level.  I knew I could push myself, but at a level that worked for me.  It hasn’t really changed.  It’s a great bunch of people and I’m really enjoying it.  That was one thing I was really surprised about – how much I enjoyed it!  I never expected to enjoy the weights so much – they put a big grin on my face!

My first bright spot was lifting more than my own body weight in a back squat and taking a photo home for my wife to prove it.  There have been lots of grins since I started at the end of June though. At the moment I’m working on my pull ups. When I was a teenager I was pretty good at these and it is very satisfying to be getting better at them.  I’m going to work on double-unders next and have goals for a muscle up sometime in the future.

My favourite WOF memory is currently doing two legless rope climbs in a row.  It had been many years since I could do that.  It was a close second to my last 1 RM on the back squat.  I also love coming home and telling my kids what my last workout included like “Today I lifted one Mummy and one of you in the deadlift.”

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