After having 4 kids I felt really out of shape and was feeling so knackered at the end of the day especially looking after toddler twins

so I knew something had to change.  I’d previously belonged to a gym which never really worked, there was no accountability and it was just too easy to not go.  I saw that WOF crossfit had a mums and bubs class so I looked into it and started reading about crossfit.  There were so many positive reviews I thought I’d go

and have a look.

As I looked around the gym I saw all these people lifting weights, doing pull ups and climbing ropes.  It was a little intimidating.  These days I see these things and rather than feeling intimidated I feel inspired.  Those people lifting weights, doing pull ups and climbing ropes are my friends now and being surrounded by them only makes me train harder.

OMG…. My first box jump.  This bloody box looked enormous and I am not so good with heights (even a box!).  Coach Sam and my gro

My goal is to progress to getting pull ups.  I’m always wanting to lift heavier and I am trying to not avoid cardio so muchup were encouraging me to just do it and I did.  I got the fright of my life when I landed on the box, it worked!!!  I got home on a high and was jumping on everything I could get my hands on.  Best day ever.

My best memory of WOF CrossFit is my first class.  We had to do 50 sit ups for time.  I was the last one to finish and my polite self was worried about holding everyone up.  When I finished I looked around, everyone was watching and cheering me on.  Got a high five from everyone in the class.  That’s when I knew I could keep doing this.  These days I can knock out 50 sit ups no worries.”


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