11209693_360051317522775_1372783865856115774_nI have been a bit of a fitness fanatic for the last say 5 years. I love having fitness challenges like races and goals to work towards. In fact I HAVE to have that otherwise my life doesn’t feel quite complete :)I used to be a cardio junkie and was really into spinning and running. My challenge was to complete a half marathon. When I eventually achieved that, I was looking for the next big challenge. I thought…well…lets step outside of the comfort zone and take on the weights! I basically had two options. (1) I go to the gym and do a programme on my own and just hope for the best OR (2) join crossfit where I can do weight and strength training with coaches there to coach technique! The added bonus I got of course was that there was still a cardio element too! Best choice I reckon with an excellent balance of functional movements.

My first impression…Mags, this is definitely out of your comfort zone all right. It felt really intimidating. I was a runner. What the freaking heck was I thinking! I wasn’t built for lifting weights! I felt like the silly slow one in class that always needs extra help.

How has that changed? Definitely IN my comfort zone now and can’t imagine my life without it. As soon as I walk into the box it feels like I am home! Greeted by friends and family! If I miss more than 2 days, I get really grumpy! If I have a bad day, I feel I need to lift something heavy! Its a safe environment where I can push myself without anyone’s judgement – I can look like a complete idiot and that’s okay! I will still get encouragement and a high five! And YES, I am still the silly slow one in class that always needs extra help. Ha ha! However, that’s just for laughs cause we are like one big family. I have never done a class that has NOT been fun :)

My first bright spot was when we were doing a workout and I smashed a run! But like I said, that was me before crossfit so it wasn’t even hard! I told myself, right…perhaps you can’t lift as heavy but you sure can run! Ha ha! However, I have come a long way since then and my running definitely looks different  now compared to what it was when I started!

I am working on Double unders!! Hate those double unders and I can do them a little, but definitely need to work on technique. Also working towards my first ever crossfit competition next month! Nervously excited!

My favourite WOF memory has got to be the Crossfit open this year. How it works is they release the workout on a Friday and you had one week to do it. We all gathered for the big event every Friday. Everyone watching and cheering on. The workout they give is the workout you have to do. You can’t scale it by adding things like rubber bands or doing a lower weight for the division you enter. So here we go…everyone so excited and BOOM…pull ups! I have never done any pull ups without a band before. I completely freaked out because I knew I was going to get stuck with pull ups and won’t be able to finish the workout. Eventually I pulled myself towards myself and said “Mags…that’s okay! So what?! You can’t do pull ups! That’s okay, we are doing this for fun!” Counter counts off and three, two, one, GO!!! People cheering and screaming, loud music, pumping music….smashed out the weight lifting part of the workout and then…grabbed onto the pull up bar and BOOM! Managed to do pull ups with NO BAND! Never in my life! From memory I think I smashed out like 39 of them! I just couldn’t believe it. It was just SO freaking awesome! I was on a buzz for a few days after that. Recovering from broken bleeding hands as my skin ripped on that bar…but it was totally and utterly worth it!


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