11270353_979144708783899_620635307016824921_oI had hit a point in my training at a conventional gym where I was not really progressing. A friend told me to Google “metabolic conditioning” and the first thing that popped up was CrossFit. I had heard of it before of course, and like a lot of people I had dismissed it as a bit of a joke due to high reps and high weight and terrible form. But I needed something new so I decided to make a judgement for myself, and I am glad I did!
My first impression was that it was intense! A lot of my misconceptions about the CrossFit methodology flew out the window during my first few sessions. I think that the intensity is an important element to this way of exercising. Over time, I have really bought into the “functional movement” aspect, and it is now something I try to think about every session. Each movement, exercise, even warm-up is applicable to real life situations and CrossFit has definitely helped prepare me for any sort of given situation.
11051762_965203773511326_8346442228142060880_oMy first bright spot was getting my first squat that was over 100kg. I was pinned to the floor and I had never had that much weight on and I really thought I was going to have to give up. But having such an encouraging group around me helped me find the mental strength to finish the rep and celebrating with everyone in the gym is such a good experience.
I am training for my first competition, and I am still quite new so I think every day I am working on correcting my technique and picking up new lessons from the awesome coaching team here.
My favourite memory is not during a workout, but having a party with the WOF pack! I’ve already made such good friends here, and the strength of the bonds in this group were not only the most surprising thing to me, it is actually one of the things I love most about being part of this box.
A note – I have only been in this box for 5 months and I have grown so much, and in learning what I have so far, I know I have a long journey to go! So watch this space – I am going to go as far as I can.

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