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Before I start11751764_1015355595162810_2683471207446707018_ned at WOF Crossfit I was very sedentary. I went to the gym and tried to maintain a healthy diet but I often found myself back where I started, not paying attention to my diet and choosing the TV over the gym. I played a little football inconsistently and that was the extent of my “active lifestyle.” Motivation was hard to come by for me.
I started at WOF Crossfit at the start of 2015, so I am definitely the rookie of the team! I had many doubts and misconceptions about Crossfit when I first tried it and I was quick to realize how narrow-minded I was being.
To me Crossfit is more than a way to get healthy and fit. It is a lifestyle, and a community. I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from our way of life as it promotes the idea that everyone can be better prepared for any challenge in life and Crossfit provides the tools and the pathways for anyone to improve their quality of life. From exercises that mimic natural life movements (if you bend over to pick ANYTHING up off the ground, you are deadlifting!) all the way to simple nutrition breakdowns that support an active lifestyle. Crossfit has a compelling case for being the best lifestyle for any person at all and I want to be a strong advocate and practitioner of that lifestyle.
I am definitely not the strongest lifter, or the fastest runner, or the longest lasting endurance athlete but what really matters to me is that Crossfit has achieved its purpose for me personally, to be better prepared for the unknown and the unknowable. As I continue to learn and grow in my newfound passion nothing satisfies me more than helping others and leading them to feel they too, are running faster, or lifting heavier, or feel better about themselves. Because at its core, that IS Crossfit.


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