lancepembertonMy wife has been at WOF CrossFit for a while and she has done really well getting fit, losing weight and getting stronger. I told her after I completed my first marathon that I’ll join her – mainly to work on one of my weaknesses: upper body strength.

At first it was a bit daunting, as everyone seemed to be super fit supermen and superwomen, but after a while you find everyone is just going at their own pace and it’s not a competition with each other but with yourself and everyone is keen to see you succeed.

My first realization I was loving CrossFit (or some would say addicted) was when I finally achieved two skills I had never been able to do in my life: handstand push ups and kipping pull ups. I’m still working on pull ups which should help me achieve  one of my goals for 2016 – muscle ups. I’m also continuing to soak up as much knowledge on technique as I can from the coaches.

My favourite memory so far would definitely be the last paleo challenge – watching my tummy shrink and finding new muscles I haven’t seen in years. It was definitely a challenge but I felt a lot more energetic and was thankful for the support of my wife. Itss a lot easier when everyone in the house is eating the same 🙂

Some may not know my wife and I have 5 kids. The eldest is 9, and the youngest are 3 (twins). They are a mini WOD every single day. But they are the best!

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