For some time I had been bothered by the fact I was lacking in fitness and strength and felt I just needed to get my S*** sorted, however I am not one to get motivated to go to a gym. Samantha (my beautiful wife) had told me so many times over the past year or so, how she loves CrossFit and it seemed like the logical thing to check out… I have not looked back!

My first thought was “Oh crap, how am I going to be able to lift a barbell, especially with weights at either end? What if I don’t stay motivated???” This all changed within a couple of classes and it all comes down the amazing people. I am more motivated about improving myself than ever before and take on any challenge I can. I love it – I actually get annoyed if I cannot make 4-5 classes a week haha.

There have been heaps of bright spots over the past few months, however most notable have been of recent times – putting my first PB on the board, the Rope Climb!

I’m always continuously improving my technique, however also trying to find my PB in each movement to set a benchmark for future progress.

To be honest, every class I attend leaves me with great memories. Some of my favourite memories though would have to be from this week, when hitting my PB for OHS (50KG) and PB for Push Press (60KG) – Damn they were hard, but so rewarding!

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