I was just about to join the YMCA gym in Gisborne, and a few of my friends were talking about Crossfit so when I went to sign up at the YMCA, across the road was the Crossfit gym, so I went for a look and that was it! Hooked!
My first impression was ‘ WOW’ , it looks hard, but because it was a grouped class I thought I’m gonna get in on this and from there the addiction just stayed and got worse. Now, I think, yup it’s still hard, but because there’s still a million things to get better at, I’m still hungry! kevin
Being one of the first in Gisborne to do the Burpee Mile is something that I’ll never forget! There were only 5 of us, and I thought it was just a name of a WOD, not a literal burpee mile! It took just over 900 burpees and took me 84 minutes. Right now, I’m working on upper body strength, back strength and mobility to address a few niggles that I have.

Something you don’t know about me: I am from Tokomaru Bay and my grand aunt wrote Poi E!


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