12311082_442206959307210_3560392235553103080_nI came to WOF looking for a different way to exercise. I’ve had many gym memberships over the years and I get bored really easily and needed a change as well as a challenge. Walking in that first time, I was really intimidated by how awesome everyone was. I felt like that for a little while until I realised that  no one is concerned about what I’m doing (well they are but in a very positive way, not the negative way I think you get from other gyms). I was a bit surprised at the ‘high fiving’ and ‘good job’ at the end of every work out and it did feel a little weird in the beginning as I don’t think of myself as that kind of person, but I soon realised it was the camaraderie that goes hand in hand with WOF and that everyone has your back. 

One of the most exciting things for me was getting a double under for the first time! or maybe getting angsty when for some reason I can’t got to a class because I’m gutted I’ll miss out on something!  I’m currently trying to string those dreaded double unders together, I’m very frustrated at only being able to do ‘single’ double unders at the moment, but I’ll get there .  

My favourite memory so far was during a Women’s Only WOD. I was REALLY struggling with the 100 sit ups we had to do at the end, and everyone else had finished but they carried on doing sit ups around me, even pulling me up to get me to the end. It almost made me cry, and I don’t do crying! 

One thing people don’t know about me is hard to believe now, but before those pesky kids, I had visible abs!!! Oh, and in another life, I was a copper…

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