My partner was talking about this new thing and he showed me the CrossFit games competition and I thought he was crazy!!! I ended up testing my achilles playing netball that year and decided to try CrossFit and have never looked back. My first impression was there is no way I’ll be able to chin ups but I’ll try! Now anything is possible if you try and learn good technique. Every day I’m trying to better myself. Kasey

My first bright spot was getting a clean at 60kg I remember being stuck at the bottom and having to work my way out of it! I’m not naturally a good gymnast so all gymnastic movements are a challenge for me but I need to start working on muscle ups!

I’ve only been with WOF officially for the last 3 weeks but everyone has been really open and inviting and introducing themselves. I won’t forget carrying Anastasia’s baby in the group workout the other week…I was pretty sore the next few days 🙂

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