*CrossFit Intern


Ikasey have always been involved in some kind of sport all my life; karate, basketball, volleyball, netball, swimming, rugby etc. I eventually found my niche with rowing. I loved it and went as far as I could before giving it up to concentrate on my education and career.

I’ve never been the best at any sport. I’ve always been average and have had to work hard just to be “average”. Though I am learning to be a coach, I don’t claim to be the fastest, the fittest, or the strongest; but every day I do claim to be the best that I can be in CrossFit, with family and life in general. That’s my philosophy.

There is always someone that can do better than you, but you can always do more than you think you can. I enjoy breaking down the barriers of “I can’t” to “I’ll try” and that’s the first step towards “I did”. If you are ready for the 10% physical and 90% mental aspect of fitness that CrossFit offers, then I am as here as part of this great team and community designed to get you where you want to be.

I’m ready to push, encourage and support you throughout your CrossFit journey to be the best you!


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