12806066_10153575951717901_878081419941335381_nA friend of mine had been doing bootcamp for a while and she had always tried to encourage me to come along. As the kilos piled on, and summer was yet again approaching….  what (apart from kilos) did I have to lose?

I was really worried from the minute I had signed up for bootcamp.  I kept thinking all these amazing athletes would be swinging from the rings and lifting weights the weight of me… Well the box IS full of these amazing athletes, and they DO swing from  rings and they DO lift weights heavier than me, but it certainly wasn’t an expectation that that was what I was going to do the same thing on day one!!! There is only ever positive encouragement, no matter what level you are at.

After my first bootcamp session, I couldn’t move because I was working muscles I hadn’t used for a long time…. that was my ‘I love this feeling’ moment and when my CrossFit addiction began!

At the moment I’m working towards getting my toes to rings – I’d really love to be able to do that.

My favourite WOF memory is doing my first full sit up. It  took me 2 bootcamps to achieve this!

A few things people might not know about me: I have four girls, 15,13,12 &7; I am a kindergarten teacher; and I’m turning a number starting with 4 this year, argh!!!!,

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